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Sun, Apr 23



Thomas Or Anderson - Attention Field Theory & Applications to Sound Therapy

This event is part of our 2023 Sound Therapy Practitioner Training Certification. A 2hr workhop on the fundamentals of the Attention Field Theory

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Thomas Or Anderson -  Attention Field Theory & Applications to Sound Therapy
Thomas Or Anderson -  Attention Field Theory & Applications to Sound Therapy

Time & Location

Apr 23, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT+10



About the event

In this workshop we explore the  Attention Field Theory which provides an extraordinarily useful framework for understanding Sound Therapy.

We dive into

Attention Field Theory provides a model wherein human Attention is treated as a field, which field illuminates that toward which Attention is directed. As such, Attention Fields occur in all Dimensions conceived by the Attending Observer, including physical, emotional, and mental Dimensions... where Dimensions are conceived degrees of freedom in the Observer's domains of observation and imagination.

Attention can be directed by the Will of the Observer, as occurs in acts of "paying Attention." Attention can also be attracted by external sources called Attention Attractors. Sound is a remarkably effective Attention Attractor by means of which a Listener's

Attention can be usefully directed, in some cases for therapeutic purposes.

By means of sound, Attention can be guided through all such Dimensions in which the Sonic Attention Attraction takes place. By this means, a Sound Worker can guide Listener Attention through countless Dimensions, both Shared and Private Dimensions.

Because the human organism is a wholly interdependent system, the Dynamics of Attention in sonically accessible Dimensions are coupled with Attention Dynamics in inaccessible Private Dimensions. Thus, directing Listener Attention through sonically accessible Dimensions, one is also guiding Listener Attention through Private Dimensions not sonically accessible.

By such a means, sound and vibration can be used to influence Listener Attention Dynamics toward Integration, Wholeness, and Harmony…. thereby supporting the Listener's innate self-healing capacities.

This session provides a useful introduction to Attention Field Theory and its application to Sound Therapy, as well as to any Attention Directed Modalities.


Thomas Orr Anderson is a physicist, musician, acoustical researcher, author, teacher, athlete, Nature-Lover, and Qi Gong instructor. For the last two decades, he has devotedly explored the magic of sound in countless domains, from university laboratories and integrative health facilities to indigenous dance ceremonies and ancient Maltese temples. Since his completion of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics, he has been particularly devoted to teaching and exploring the physics of sound and vibration in the context of health and wellness. Thomas was the last private student of renowned holography expert, Dr. H. J. Caulfield, and for the last decade has been a student of, now 109 yr-old Yaqui-Mayan medicine man, Tata Kachora. Being one of the few devoted explorers of sound mysticism who is also a trained physicist, Thomas has become well-known around the world for nurturing clarity and honesty in the domains of sound therapy.His extensive studies in physics, music, and natural healing naturally combine into a great devotion to sound therapy, in which field he has established himself internationally as a renowned expert teacher. Professional Inspirer, Lover of Nature, Teacher of Teachers.His book titles include: Master Handbook of Sound Healing and Introduction to Attention Field Theory & Applications to Sound Therapy



  • Bachelor's and master's degrees in physics
  • Last private student of renowned holography expert Dr. H. J. Caulfield
  • Decade-long student of 109-year-old Yaqui-Mayan medicine man Tata Kachora
  • Author of "Master Handbook of Sound Healing" and "Introduction to Attention Field Theory & Applications to Sound Therapy"


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