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The Secrets of Sound Healing

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

~Wow! - What an incredible tool we have stumbled upon when it comes to the power of Sound and Vibration as Medicine.

When we begin to look more closely at this subtle and invisible world within us and around us, it becmes clear that all is not what it seems ~

and there is a whole dancing cosmic universe bursting at the seams with life, live vibration, and ripples of frequencies - creating all kinds of different effects on our bodies, our nervous system, our brain wave patterns.

Sound literally impacts the way our cells behave on a fundamental level.

Have you ever noticed how your skin seems to crawl and the hairs on your body seem to stand on end when you hear a really loud motorbike or car screeching? or when a door gets slammed or something suddenly falls and breaks and your whole body jolts with a bolt of lightning and shock!?

When these things happen it's because those moments, those objects colliding in space are literally sending out waves of sound and electro-magnetic frequency that penetrates through into the cells in our body - particularly due to the dynamic and fluid properties of things such as the water content in our bodies.

and Sound does interesting things to water particles.

Check out some of the stuff on Cymatics -

the study of the visible effects of sound through matter

Through a process of something called 'Sympathetic Resonance' our bodies become 'entrained' or in-tune with our environment and landscape around - and this includes the soundscape. It is a deep-ecological perspective that sees everything connected within the field of matter and consciousness.

If you body and nervous system is being constantly stimulated, triggered and stressed by loud, shocking, harmful and overwhelming noises all the time - then our bodies literally cant switch off propoerly, we dont get the rest and recovery we need, and our we begin to crumble and break -

This is why I think nature therapy can be so powerful... and even sound therapy IN nature!!

Because we can become intune again with our natural senses through listening to the silence and stillness - without being bombarded with all this noise pollution we seem to encounter in the hustle and bustle city lives many of us find ourselves in today.

Not to mention the electro-magnetic fields and frequencies being emitted with the computers, internet, smart phones and wifi technology we see today as well.

It all has a tremendous impact on our bodies on a deep physiological level - but how this impacts our mental health, and ability to sit withourselves in silence and stillness of our own realty.

But no - we are being constantly stimulated and bombarded with imformation, technology, media, algorithms...

Vibrations and frequencies that seem to do more harm to us than good sometimes...

So how can we consciously use Sound and Vibration in our lives to facilitate healing and positive growth?

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