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This Crystal Singing Bowl Frosted Chakra Quartz is perfect for sound healing. It is made from 99.99% quartz crystal and comes in sizes 7" 7" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12" with notes 12"C 11"D 10"E 9"F 8"A 7"G 7"B either in 440Hz or 432Hz. The set also comes with 2pcs rubber mallets,2pcs suede mallets, 7pcs rubber o-rings and 1pc 11" and 1pc 12" free carrying bags. The chakra pattern design makes it ideal to create a structure for your healing sessions and helps to relieve anxiety and stress for your clients. 

Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls Quartz 7-12 Inch CDEFGAB Free Carrying Bags

SKU: 4000799988723
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