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The 10 Inch Singing Bowl Mallet and Rubber O Ring are accessories used with a Quartz Crystal singing bowl. 

The 10 Inch Singing Bowl Mallet is a specialized tool designed for striking and rubbing a Quartz Crystal singing bowl. It is crafted to produce the optimal sound and vibration when interacting with the bowl. The mallet is typically made of a solid material like wood or rubber, ensuring a balanced weight and durability. When striking the singing bowl with the mallet, it produces a resonant tone that is soothing and calming. The mallet also allows for rubbing or circling the rim of the bowl, which creates a sustained sound and enhances the harmonics of the bowl.

The Rubber O Ring serves as a base for the singing bowl to sit on. It is a circular rubber cushion that provides stability and prevents the bowl from slipping or vibrating excessively during use. The O Ring is designed to fit the bottom of the singing bowl securely, creating a stable foundation for the bowl to resonate freely. It helps to optimize the sound transmission and vibration of the bowl, allowing for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Together, the 10 Inch Singing Bowl Mallet and Rubber O Ring enhance the performance and functionality of the Quartz Crystal singing bowl. Whether you are using the mallet to strike or rub the bowl, or simply resting the bowl on the O Ring, these accessories contribute to the rich and therapeutic sound produced by the singing bowl. They are essential tools for anyone practicing sound healing, meditation, or simply seeking a moment of relaxation and tranquility.

Weight (kg): 90g
Diameter (cm): <20cm

The 10 Inch Singing Bowl Mallet and Rubber O Ring

SKU: 4001330756623
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