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  • Made in America
  • Tuned to A 440hz – concert pitch
  • 6 holes + leather bound hole cover
  • Spanish Cedar - sustainable sourced
  • Ornate carved block + engraving
  • Price includes delivery Australia wide 


Video demo-


Introducing the Native American style Flute, crafted in America with sustainable sourced Spanish Cedar and tuned to A 440hz - concert pitch. This stunning instrument features a leather-bound hole cover and six holes, with a smaller finger hole size suitable for players with smaller hands or skinny fingers. The flute also boasts an ornate carved block and an engraved design on the foot end, making it a striking addition to any collection.

These flutes are perfect for players looking to share Native American style music in groups or over a microphone, and their 440hz tuning makes them easier to incorporate into classical or contemporary music. The smaller finger holes make playing the A minor pentatonic scale effortless, and the inclusion of six holes allows players to grow into alternate fingerings as they progress. 

The product video showcases the melody from the ‘Introduction to Native American style Flute’ workshop by Haitch, a professional musician with many years of teaching experience. Students of all ages find his style of teaching both fun and informative, and after attending a workshop or receiving an online private lesson, players can continue their learning at their own pace or schedule regular tuition with Haitch.

The Native American style Flute is a great starting point for players looking to grow their skills and share their music with others.

Native American style Flute – USA made A 440hz

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