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About Us

Australian Sound Healers Association Ltd. (Australian Company Number 668 322 414)

is registered as a non-profit Public Company Limited by Guarantee

with a grass-roots, community-led vision and mission to share the powerful

healing impact of Sound and Vibrational Therapy with the world.


To make accessible and available high quality information, tools, education, training and resources for anyone wanting to benefit from the healing effects of sound therapy as well as live events & practitioner training programs for sound healers and therapists.

Meet Our President Leith James 


Leith James: President of the Australian Sound Healers Association

Leith James stands as a prominent figure in the realm of sound healing, known for his profound expertise and dedication to promoting the transformative power of sound therapy. As the President of the Australian Sound Healers Association, Leith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of this ancient and profound art form.

Leith's journey in sound healing has been marked by rigorous training and a commitment to continuous learning. He has achieved Gong Master Training at both levels 1 and 2, studying under the esteemed Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux at Yoga of Holistic Resonance. His pursuit of mastery also led him to complete Sound Therapy training through the prestigious British Academy of Sound Healing, further enhancing his comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between sound and holistic resonance. Additionally, Leith proudly holds the title of a certified SomaEnergetics Tuning Fork Practitioner, showcasing his dedication to a multi-faceted approach to healing.

With a vast repertoire of experience, Leith has facilitated transformative personal sound healing sessions, guided immersive group meditations, and orchestrated captivating live sound events. His influence extends across international borders, where he has shared his expertise through workshops, gong training sessions, and corporate wellness programs. His commitment to promoting wellness and mental health through sound healing has seen him work passionately both locally and globally.

Leith's aspiration to share the profound wisdom and joy of sound healing has led him to a role of mentorship and education. Through his meticulously crafted training programs and courses, he imparts his accumulated knowledge to aspiring sound healers, guiding them toward mastery of this ancient art form. He is a steadfast advocate for the comprehensive research surrounding gong and sound healing, recognizing their potential to holistically support mental well-being.

One of Leith's paramount missions is to cultivate a thriving community of sound healers, providing them with opportunities to not only enrich their understanding but also to thrive professionally. His vision encompasses integrating sound healing into mainstream mental health practices, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary healthcare.

At the helm of the Australian Sound Healers Association, Leith James is a catalyst for change, driving the accessibility of high-quality resources, education, and training for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of sound therapy. His commitment to making sound healing accessible to all, while fostering a platform for fellow practitioners, demonstrates his unwavering dedication to spreading the transformative impact of Sound and Vibrational Therapy to the world.

Meet Our Facilitators 


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