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Meet Your Facilitators

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Guest Facilitators draw together a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience accross multiple traditions, instruments, areas of specialty, and philosophies, giving our Sound Therapy Practitioner Training Students a comprehensive look into the world of Sound Therapy, it's origins and it's applications.





Discover the world of Zangden Lhamo, an extraordinary spiritual guide with a wealth of experience, spanning over 45 years of Yoga practice and deep understanding of Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita since age 14. Dive into her teachings on ancient traditions, powerful mantras, and transformative modalities, as she masterfully blends her expertise in Celtic Paganism, Sound Healing, Reiki, and various Yoga disciplines. Embark on a life-changing journey, awakening your inner Excellent Goddess.


· Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita from age 14

· Student of Yoga  for 45 years

· Priestess of Celtic Paganism

· Sound Healing Certification Lama Tender Medicine Buddha Centre

· Reiki Practitioner

· Initiated into Jonang Tradition of Tibet receiving the name “Zangden Lhamo” Excellent Goddess

· Initiated into Green Tara, Riwo Sangchod(smoke ceremony)  & Chod practices of Tibet at Tara Mandala

· Sattva Yoga Academy India 300hrs YTT

· Sattva Academy India Master Yoga Instructor

· Yoga Alliance International Master Teacher

· Initiated Kriya Yoga Instructor

· Vedic meditation Instructor

· Nada Yoga Instructor

· Yoga Nidra for Mental Health100HRS

· Yin Yoga 50HRS

· Ligmincha Tibetan Meditation Facilitator 5 years

· Reiki Practitioner


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Haitch is a professional multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, performer, composer and teacher living on Turrbal land, Brisbane, Australia. Looking to nature for inspiration and world cultures for instruments, his uniqueness lies in the moving fusion of uncommon and classical instruments.
 Looking to nature for inspiration and world cultures for instruments, his uniqueness lies in the moving fusion created with uncommon and classical instruments. Including Native American style drone flutes, Yidaki, slide didgeridoo, Balinese suling flutes, mellophone, trumpet, cornet, electric Indian zither, vocals, loop pedal and piano.  Past performances include NYE at Woodford folk festival plus workshops, Mind Body Spirit festivals Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Wanderlust, Byron Spirit Festival, corporate seminars, international retreats and many more.  As an accomplished multi instrumentalist, Haitch has toured with various artists. Including Grammy nominated artist world music and

devotional artist Dave Stringer on his East coast Australia tour as well as other touring artists from USA, Portugal, Canada and more.  As a session recording artist, Haitch has been the didgeridoo on ‘A Tribute to The Seekers’ by Andre Riers Australian angel pop soprano star, Mirusia Louwerse. As well as playing Native American style flutes and tin whistle on other tracks by Mirusia.  Haitch has dedicated his life to collecting and mastering the instruments that he composes, records and performs with today.


Instrument history

-Trumpet since 1990

-Piano since 1991

-Didge since 2002

-Flutes since 2005

-Zither since 2010

-Vocals since 2012

Ensemble History

-Queenland Youth Orchestra

-Brisbane Brass

-Redlands Shire Band

-Various Australian and USA Artist

-Haitch Music Solo Artist & Bands



Certified Sound Therapist, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher, Cacao Ceremonialist & Musician.

Starting her journey with Yoga in New Zealand in 2003, Petra was given a spiritual name Prema Shakti - Which basically means 'Divine Energy of Love'.

Inspired by her own personal healing journey and awakening of approximately 5 years travelling the world, starting with Sound Therapy in Spain, followed by a deep immersion into India's ancient yogic traditions. Then continuing onto South America Petra cultivated a deep connection with ancient healing modalities including Ancestral Work, Women’s Circles, Group Workshops and then lived with tribes in the Jungle for 6 months, studying Plant Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon.

Petra's passions are music and ceremony (being present with intention), which speaks to her inner calling, to share Cacao - a powerful heart opening ancient healing medicine in ceremony and transformational retreats & events around the world


- bachelor arts - music (Sydney Conservatorium of music)

- piano grade 8+

- violin grade 7

- certificate Sound Therapy

- diploma Sound Therapy  - (International Association of Sound Therapy )

- Reiki master

- Hatha /Vinyasa Yoga 400+ hrs

- Kundalini 200+ hrs


Leith James.jpg

Leith James 

International Gong Master & Sound Therapist 

Completing his Gong Master Training (level 1 & 2) with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux at Yoga of Holistic Resonance & Sound Therapy training at the Brittish Academy of Sound Healing, as well as certified SomaEnergetics Practitioner.

Leith draws on 15 years of extensive experience facilitating personal sound healing, group meditations, live events & sound immersion sessions as well as corporate wellness programs, gong training and workshops locally and internationally.

Passionate about sharing the joy and wisdom of this powerful and ancient art form and healing modality with others, he now teaches through his training programs and courses and is a strong advocate for the benefits and research of gong and sound healing to support mental health and holistic wellbeing.


• Diploma in Sound Therapy (British Academy of Sound Therapy)

• Yoga of Holistic Resonance Gong Master Training Level 1 & 2

• Professional Diploma in Group Sound Therapy

• Certified Soma Energetics Practitioner (CSP) Tuning Forks Solfeggio Series

• Death Doula - Life Options Training - After of Life Consultant

• Reiki level 1

• Access Consciousness - Access Consciousness Bars

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Judy Anne LoveLight has been running her LoveLight Crystal Temple for 17 years and is a Certified Crystal Bowl Sound Therapist. She is also a Reiki Master, Heart Resonance Teacher, and Meditation teacher. Judy has traveled extensively worldwide, facilitating Awaken Your Heart Retreats and Crystal Bowl Courses.


  • Degree as a Certified Crystal Bowl Sound Therapist

  • 15 years working and teaching with crystal bowls

  • Reiki Master

  • Heart Resonance Teacher

  • Meditation teacher

Lillian Adele - Pic.jpg


Lillian is a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator. With a background in Creative Industries and Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy (HICAT) , Enterprise Facilitation & Creative Business Coaching. Lillian has over a decade of experience designing, developing & facilitating arts projects and holistic wellness programs in Australia and overseas especially in Mental Health and Community Contexts. As a Creative Consultant, Entrepreneur & Social Enterprise Facilitator, Lilly brings with her a unique holistic integrated approach with a wealth of knowledge and experience in business strategy, marketing, program design & facilitation - as well as being an accomplished therapy practitioner with tools and training under her belt such as Reiki Lvl 2, Meditation Teacher, Chair Yoga, Holistic Human Development, HICAT, Adv.HICAT Sound & Vibrational Therapy, Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Lvl 1  among other unique skills and training she's collected throughout her travels.



Noah brings his practical experience and wisdom from years of travel and learning with Nepali Singing Bowl Masters. 

His passion and dedication to this modality is evident in his teaching practice and empowers students to feel confident and strong in their own practice and wisdom. 

Noah has an intimate relationship with Sound Therapies and Nepal after his advanced training in 2017. This exploration into frequency and vibration therapy using the Nepali Healing Bowls is a true love and gift that Noah shares with his students, clients and community.

As a musician, sound bathing and vibrational therapy became a healing medium that Noah quickly identified with, and is now a renowed practitioner in his own right. 

The bowls we will be exploring and using throughout the workshop are the most authentic 7 metal therapy bowls and are sourced directly from the blacksmiths in Kathmandu Valley.

Tam pic.jpg


Tamaryn Truter From Spirit Drum:  Has been working with drums for 20 years, and making them for 16. she has done many things on her journey, including Transpersonal Art Therapy, Kinesiology, Holographic Kinetics, Shamanic Practice and Drum Keepers Training with White Eagle in Alaska. Her journey has been a weaving of Energy Medicine, Therapy, Art and Drumming. Drums have been a constant companion since she was 17 and is very excited and blessed to be able to share what she has discovered on the journey with the ASHA students.


  • · Drum Keeper Training (The Whirling Rainbow Foundation White Eagle - Alaska)

  • · Diploma in Sound Healing (Centre of Excellence)

  • · The Science of Sound Healing (David Gibson)

  • · Transpersonal Art Therapy (College of Complementary Medicine) Kinesiology (PKP)

  • · Drumming and Drum Making Facilitator (since 2009)

  • · Apprentice in Shamanic Healing, Drumming and Soul retrieval (Leonie Watson, Sky Hawk)

  • · Shamanic Practices for Spiritual Immunity (Sandra Ingerman)

  • · Dark Night of the Soul (Sandra Ingerman)

  • · Master Drum Maker (20 years of experience)

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