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Earth's Heartbeat Meditation

During this period of time, I’ve been consciously focusing in on and listening more closely to my own heartbeat and the heartbeat and rhythms of Mother Earth.

Here are my Meditations…

Beginning to observe and understand these natural cycles and rhythms of life, death and rebirth – this beautiful dance of life we get to witness and weave within our own bodily cycles, and in the magnificent scale of the cosmic cycles ~

and what it truly means to be and live in connection and coherence with these forces and realms of existence that exist beyond us?

It’s funny,

because the more and more I become attuned to this world, the more and more aware I am of how much we think we are seeing and perceiving and experiencing, and then how much is actually really going on underneath all the surface layers of sensory perception and belief –

deep within the psyche and body on the inside – like the metaphor of the iceberg, we only see such a tiny portion of what really exists – yet underneath the surface is more than 90% of what makes up what you are.

These microscopic invisible worlds of protons, electrons – electro-magnetic fields, bacteria – the micro-biome and human biofield, trillions of vibrating atoms and molecules within a mysterious quantum field – seemingly operating a chaos and random…

– and how much this micro-world is influencing us, our behaviours, our beliefs and ultimately our health and wellbeing?

– and how much can we really affect change in our realities on a micro and macro level – as ripples out into the world – into the time/space continuum of particles and waves existence?

And ultimately, if you prescribe to the Zen notion of there being a field of ‘empty – oneness’ then everything that exists is part of you, and you are part of everything within this field of consciousness.... So those bacteria – are you.

Those trees and mountains and lakes and rivers on the other side of the world – are also you.

Animals, plants, fungi, dust particles, parasites, viruses - are also you, and the planets out there in the cosmos – they are you as well.

Even those wild and darker aspects of reality – this is part of you too. We are everything and it is us – one and the same.

We have deep layers of molten lava and liquid hot magma rock inside us, shifting on tectonic plates with multiple magnetic forces influencing us and drawing us forward in many directions.

When we begin to reconcile with the consciousness of the ‘Self’ as cosmos, we can connect with that part of ourselves that is infinite, we can learn to listen to and connect with that vibrating hum and rhythm and heartbeat of the universe, of our own bodies and heartbeats ~

The heartbeat of the mother ~

To reconnect us back to ourselves ~

To the one body ~ the Earth body ~ the Cosmic Body.

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